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 First Edition--First Printing...

An insider's history of the heart of America's space program from its earliest days.

NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center set the stage for the American adventure in space. Sprawled across 140,000 acres on Florida's Atlantic coast, the center has hosted the succession of rocket launches that have rewritten our knowledge of aeronautics and our very understanding of the nature of the universe...Chosen because of its perfect location, with the wide Atlantic providing a buffer, Kennedy Space Center is now a major tourist attraction appealing to visitors of all ages.This spaceport has served as the departure gate for every American space flight mission and the launching point of hundreds of other advanced scientific spacecraft. Kennedy Space Center will continue to make history as NASA embarks on new adventures in space exploration...The book includes detailed information on:The earliest development of rockets in the United States and Germany...The development of rockets and their launch facilities...The missile race and U.S.-Soviet rivalry to be first in space...The great Apollo program and the race to the moon...The shuttle program, the Space Station and the Hubble Telescope...The future of space exploration...Clearly written, meticulously researched and packed with more than 150 spectacular images, Kennedy Space Center is the only complete history of this important site.


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Nowhere in the world of military technology is the transition from science fiction to science fact more astounding than in the dark world of autonomous aerial combat vehicles. Before there were autonomous war machines, there were unmanned war machines. After a brief history of unmanned aerial vehicles, we reach the autumn of 2001. At that time, unmanned, remotely-piloted reconnaissance aircraft were first adapted for offensive combat operations. However, even at that time, work was already progressing on the first generation of combat aircraft that could both fly AND fight without crews.- Latest technology in the quest for the "robotic battlefield"- Subject of a "PBS" documentary and "History Channel" specials- Another key anti-terrorist weapon (and so far, very successful)About the AuthorBill Yenne is the author of more than three dozen books, mainly on historical topics. Before turning to a career as an author, Mr. Yenne was a nationally-recognized artist and illustrator. His illustrations have appeared in a number of national magazines, including Rolling Stone, and several of his paintings are in the official collection of the US Air Force. He is the author of the 2003 title The American Brewery, also from MBI Publishing Company. He lives in San Francisco, California.


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